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Zilamon Penis Enlargement Package

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Here is an explanation of what is included in the Zilamon Package:

We created the Zilamon penis extender by using an ancient African tribal ritual.

People in certain tribes discovered that by stretching tissue in certain areas of the body, they could extend their neck, lips, ear lobes, and yes, even their penis!

When using the Zilamon penis extender, constant pressure is applied to the corpora cavernosa of the penis.

As you apply more pressure, the tissue cells will need to move around, which in turn pulls the corpora cavernosa away. This causes new cell production and tissue growth.

We’ve not only created more room, but now we’re also stimulating blood flow, too.

As the blood enters the two main chambers, we start to see a longer and thicker penis.

To supplement this process, we supply three additional devices alongside a selection of creams, oils and gels.

Not only does this ensure a safe and healthy growth of the penis, but it also removes the risk of penile nerve damage, tissue damage or any allergic reaction and discomfort.

Please continue reading until the end of this page to find out what else is included with the Zilamon penis enlargement system.

Penis enlargement cream and electronic applicator

Our creams, supplemented with vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D and omega-6, will protect your penis from any irritation or soreness, while also keeping the skin hydrated.

This is important to regenerate new skin cells.

The cream must be applied first, followed by use of the electronic applicator to massage your penis, aiding in the absorption of all the required ingredients.

This will guarantee 100% effectiveness.

Penis enlargement gel and electronic applicator

To prevent harmful bacterial infections, and to keep your penis skin from peeling, we’ve created a gel with vitamin B12, vitamin B1, vitamin B6 and niacin.

Just like the penis enlargement cream, this gel must be applied first by hand and then massaged into the skin with the electronic applicator to ensure 100% effectiveness.

Penis enlargement oil and electronic applicator

It’s important to keep those new penis skin cells healthy and ready for the growth of new tissue, so our penis enlargement oil includes zinc, vitamin A, vitamin E, protein and potassium to do just that!

By applying the oil first, and then using the electronic applicator, we’re ensuring the penis will absorb the oil’s vital ingredients and deliver results every single time.

Extra accessories: straps, pads and bands

Protection pads:
Our protection pads will keep the penis comfortably on the penis extender, ensuring you won’t experience any discomfort or rashes.
You only need to use one at a time, though six have been included in the package to guarantee you always have one handy.

There are two straps to secure the penis on the extender device, but you only need to use one strap at a time.

Protection bands:
An alternative to the protection pad, the protection band can be wrapped around the penis to keep it comfortably in place.
Like the pads, only one needs to be used each time.

The Zilamon penis enlargement package also comes with an easy-to-carry bag so you can take everything with you wherever you go.

To ensure you have received the original Zilamon penis enlargement package, we have included an authentication number on this card, which allows you to check the authenticity of the product by visiting  or contacting customer support.

A booklet is included in this package to guide you in your use of this product. It is recommended that you read it completely before using, in order to ensure you understand how to use the product.

For peace of mind, you can request your shipment be without any brand label or mention of what is contained inside the package.

Instead, we will send you a product authenticity number via email, which will allow you to confirm you have received the original package.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

All the ingredients in the creams, oils and gels are natural and safe to use. However, some of the products contain nuts and should not be used by those with a nut allergy.

If you request discreet packaging while placing your order, this product will be delivered without any label, which means we will ship it to you without our brand name or any mention about the product inside.

This discreet kind of packaging is for people worried about their family or friends opening the package.

However, the product authenticity number will be emailed directly to you so you can make sure you’ve received the original product.

Please contact us before placing an order so our expert team can consult you.

Once you are happy to place the order, our friendly team will send you an invoice and assist you in confirming your payment and double checking your mailing address to make sure there won’t be any issues with your payment or delivery.

It’s an extra peace of mind we would like you to have when placing order with us.

Yes, this product is covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

On this same page, you’ll find video testimonials recorded by people who have used this product.

You can also send your own video by contacting customer support.

If you’ve bought this product, please share your experience to help others make an informed decision of their own.

We have free delivery worldwide within 7 days.

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Our fastest delivery is within 3 days worldwide from the day you make your payment. For fast 3-days delivery, please contact us directly.

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